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Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Association

We're a chapter of the Michigan Mountain Bike Association (MMBA) and the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). We're local riders creating and maintaining trails . 

We're sharing our passion and helping others learn to ride and enjoy our sport..

Please consider making a tax dedcutible contribution or donation to MMMBA. Dontate local and keep 100% of your dollars local as we work on trail signage, trail maintenance equipment and more. 


Thanks to everyone who came out for the first 2017 area cyclist gathering. Again a big thank  you to our Sponsor: Glassen, Rhead, McLean, Campbell & Schumacher, PLC for the appetizers. 

Great to see so many people come out for this, share stories, ideas and more. 

Thanks to those of you who made donations toward the signage project, we are inching closer to our goal. 

A shout out to one of the local shops for their supporting contribution as well. 


Stay tuned, we're planning another event for March.



To check out the forum thread on the site 

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Interested in voluteering for trail work days? Or even helping out when you have time? 

Want to join in for group rides?

Questions about MMMBA or our trails? 

Fill this out and send it along. We'll get back to you soon!