Over 30 people attended 2014 Season Pre-ride Meeting!

The MMMBA kicked off the 2014 Season with a chapter meeting held on Saturday, April 19. OVer 30 people attended the meeting which covered a lot of ground.

Brindley Byrd, president of the MMMBA gave an update of activity since the new chapter leadership came on on board. The biggest issue they worked through was the change in liability insurance for the chapter. Due to this change, the MMMBA does not endorse the use of chainsaws by volunteers. In the event of felled trees obstructing the trail, the MMMBA Trail Coordinators will work with the land managers to best determine how to remove the tree. All other tree work to be done from the ground using non-powered tools. We have taken this policy to minimize the risk to MMMBA volunteers and reduce the risk of claim on our new policy.

Reid Abel was recognized at the 2013 MMMBA Volunteer of the Year! He has dedicated many tireless hours making sure the obstacles and stunts at Burchfield Park are safe, fun and challenging. Thanks Reid for all your hard work!!

The Burchfield Park Trail Clean-Up Day is scheduled for Saturday May 3 from 8am – 4pm (rain day on Sunday, May 4). Meet at Riverbend parking lot. Please bring rakes, shovels, leaf blowers and non-powered tree-trimming tools. There are plenty of leaves to blow off of trail, ruts to fill and countless sticks on the trails. MMMBA will have coffee, breakfast snacks and fire up the grill for refuel at lunch. A group ride will commence at 4pm from Riverbend. Come Join the Ride!

On Sunday, May 4 from Noon to 5pm, the Felt Demo Tour will be back at Burchfield Park in the main parking lot. Park access fee required for entry. BikeWorks in Dewitt has again made arrangements for area riders to ride Felt’s line of mountain and road bikes. Representatives from the MMMBA will be on-sight to share information about our 2014 initiatives and welcome riders to the 2014 season! We will also be signing people up as members and take contributions for our 2014 Initiatives.

MMMBA 2014 Intiatives:

1) Start a MMMBA Bike Patrol.
2) Install markers and better signage on trails.
3) Establish weekly group rides for ALL level of riders.
4) Reach out to community youth groups and invite them to the trails.
5) Organized the 1st Annual Zombie Relay — a twilight relay race at Burchfield Park in October.

Please see the presentation for further information. 2014 Season Pre-ride Presentation

Thanks to you all that attended and support the MMMBA.

Join the Ride!

2014 Season Pre-ride Meeting

A meeting of the Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Mid-Michigan Mountain Biking Association to have a Season Pre-ride meeting of the members and any other interested party.

The MMMBA is launching our Join the Ride campaign. The new leadership will be reporting on activities since January and share some ideas on events and initiatives that promote mountain biking in Mid-Michigan.

Come and join us for fellowship as we do a Season Pre-ride!!

Date: Saturday, April 19th, 2014
TIme: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Locations: Buddy’s Bar and Grill in Holt, Mi 

Contact: Brindley at president@mmmba.org

New Leadership at the MMMBA!

The Mid-Michigan Mountain Biking Association (MMMBA) has had a wholesale change in leadership.

Beginning in January of 2014 the new board of directors is as follows:

President - Brindley Byrd

Treasurer – Brent Forsberg

Secretary – David Frost

On behalf of the entire MMMBA membership, we would like to thank Bill Nickerson, Chris Mensing and Laurie DeYoung for their years of service to Mid-Michigan mountain bikers.

The mission of the MMMBA rides on…we look forward to riding it together.