January 2006

Meeting Minutes 2006

January 28th 2006

Chapter minutes

Chapter meeting and elections

Eric’s cycle

Attending: Luke Pline, Brad Southworth, Andy Feddwa, Gregg Iddings, Brett Nelson, Dave Vandegriff, Joe Pozy, Harv Seeley, Bill Zimmer, Chris Mensing, Barry Edwards, Scott Dreyer, Frank Krol


Meeting called to order at 1:15pm.

Overview 2005

1) Burchfield – no real changes in store for Burchfield. Still hopes of having the Bushwood section approved. Zak plans to walk the route with park officials this spring. Other than the addition of this section the park is pretty self sustaining right now other than the routine structure inspections, raking, and trimming of the Sandman section.

2) Lincoln Brick – Luke went over the parks decision regarding our proposal. At this time they are offer us trail development at nearby Fox Park, which would be a short XC type trail if we choose this route. Fox Park has been surveyed and we feel it would be similar to many of the other trails in the area. It may be hard to maintain another trail care crew for this type of trail. Luke proposed drafting a letter to the parks board regarding Lincoln Brick with our opposition to Fox Park in hopes of renegotiating the LB project.

3) Ionia – still very little Mid-state activity within Ionia. We will try to contact the Western chapter to help with maintenance and reroutes that have been suggested for the trail. Andy, Brad, and Scott showed interest in helping with Ionia where in the past it has been difficult to get a crew together for there.

4) Heritage Park – The acquisition of the DR trimmer has helped with maintenance. The crew has added some more technical features to the park, which has been approved for the most part as long as there is an adequate way around any obstacle. Currently they are in the process of installing a 4 ft. wide bridge that will bypass one such section per the parks request. They will also host two mountain bike races along with Adrian Parks & Recreation Department although dates were unknown at this time.

5) Treasury – Currently we have about $1100 in our account which is far greater than it has been in the past at this time of the year. We can attribute this to Gilbert Lumber for their donation of wood and also for the chapter sales of T-shirts. The state board has finally chosen a new treasurer and chapter funds will begin to be transferred to the main MMBA once everything is running smoothly. I contacted Todd Scott for a time table on this, but he was not sure when this would happen.

6) CPS – Gregg Iddings will continue on as our CPS representative, however he was never contacted about any of the meetings or events for 2005.

7) New Business –

Chapter T-shirts, a new design is in order for 2006. Joe suggested something that distinctly showed a mountain bike, but no other suggestions were submitted though.

DR trimmer, with the acquisition of the trimmer this summer maintenance at Heritage has improved. Since there is new interest in maintaining Ionia the purchase of another DR type trimmer is feasible, plus we can financially afford it at this point. Transportation was the other issue with only having one unit.

Chapter race event, Jake will contact the Jackson Parks & Recreation Department regarding coordinating a time trial race at Ella Sharp Park in conjunction with the Raceweek activities that are held downtown. Burchfield was another area of interest for the event, but we were advised that we would probably need at least a year in advance to pull it off there. We will be contacting Ingham County Parks regarding the possibility of this though.

New member Bill Zimmer, he informed us of VFW land in Eaton Rapids that may be a possibility of a short 3-4 mile XC trail. He rides there occasionally now I believe.

Scott from Eric’s Cycle said there is a possibility of coordinating a bike demo with the annual picnic. We should know more about this in the coming months. If this happens it will once again be held a Burchfield.

I would like to establish group rides again this year in hopes of recruiting new members. I will continue the Ella Sharp Group rides, but would also like to add a weekly ride at Burchfield.

8) Elections – There were no changes in officers for the 2006 year.

Jake Pangle – President

Gregg Iddings – VP

Harv Seeley – Treasurer

Meeting adjourned by Jake Pangle at 3:00pm

Thanks to Krol Law Firm for post meeting pizza and pop!

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