January 2007

Meeting Minutes Jan. 2007

January 14th, 2007

Mid-State Chapter Meeting Minutes


The meeting was attended by: Todd Blumerick – Adrian, David Frost – Charlotte, Gregg Iddings – Adrian, Joe Pozy – Lansing, Chris Mensing – Lansing, Collin Morlock – Jackson , Jake Pangle – Jackson.

We discussed updating the mid-state website link on the main MMBA page. Joe Pozy and I are going to try and attempt this. Just about all of the information on this page is outdated. One of the new members mentioned that he had tried to use the contact information on the page and it was just sent back to him. He also mentioned that it doesn’t look good to new members to see information that hasn’t been updated since ’95. I agree completely so I would like to change this.

At last years meeting there was discussion of consolidating the chapter’s funds to the main treasury. At this point in time it does not look like this is going to occur. I have spoken with the current board president and the MMBA treasurer and neither were aware of the consolidation plan.

Fox Park, no one has step forward that wishes to pursue trails at the park so at this time I think it is the chapter’s best interest to walk away. I would like to thank Luke Pline for all of his efforts in trying to make the Lincoln Brick project work and the fact that they offered up another park as an alternative was positive, but unfortunately our chapter just cannot support another trail system such as this at this time.

Burchfield Pump track, this is another issue that at this time I believe the chapter is going to pass on. We believe the pump track would require a significant amount of maintenance and I don’t believe we have enough people to support it at this time. We should keep an eye on the one in Novi and see how that progresses though.

Heritage Park Race, the chapter will again be involved with the race in Adrian. We discussed having a trail day with the Adrian group prior to help get ready for the event. I hope to have a better chapter turn out at the event than in past years. We could use some additional help with the kid’s events. We will also be using some of the donated items for race participants.

We briefly discussed the chapter picnic. Chris will try to contact Riverfront about being part of the picnic. We hope to have some of the chapter shops bring out demos for the day. I mentioned this to Dirk as well the last time I went in there. Collin and his father also mention contacting On Two Wheels to see if they would be interested in participating. The picnic is April 29th, Burchfield Park 11:00am.

Donations, we briefly discussed how to use the products that have been donated to the chapter. We will be using some of them for swag at the Heritage Park race. Some will also be distributed to chapter volunteers. The remaining will be held for other yet to be determined events.

The chapter membership has dwindled over the past few years. Our volunteer base has also dwindled the past few years. One of the new members mentioned that many of those who joined may not have seen a value to their membership and decided not to re-up when their membership came for renewal. I agree that this is probably an issue. I hope by keeping the chapter updated with news in the BRB and by holding chapter related events that we can bring a value to our membership.


Elections for chapter officers were carried out:

President – Jake PangleVice-President – Gregg IddingsBoard Representative – Chris MensingBurchfield Trail Coordinator – Brian Zakrzewski “aka Zak” Note: Trail coordinator positions are not voted upon. 

No nominations occurred for the treasury position. Position will remain unchanged with Harv Seeley remaining as chapter treasurer.



 Today the chapter received a letter of resignation from Harv Seeley for the position of chapter treasurer. At this time Jake Pangle will fill this roll until the next chapter meeting. Chapter officers were notified by e-mail.  

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