September 2007

Meeting Minutes Sept. 2007

September 10th, 2007 Mid-State Chapter Meeting Minutes

Attending: Jake Pangle, Chris Mensing, Dave Walker, Brad Potter, David Skidmore, Bruce Yelvington, Cooper Frost, David Frost, Berke Altan, Dave Johnson, Steve Vicary, Anne Grofvert

Bennett Park:

            David Frost was appointed trail coordinator for the park. He will be in charge of setting up trail maintenance days and communicating with the chapter regarding the park. Additional signage will be put up in the park in the next few months and a trail marquee/kiosk will be established pending final approval of a location from the city. It was determined that the main park entrance should be used as parking for the trailhead with overflow parking at the armory if needed. The trail coordinator will soon be scheduling fall clean up for the park, which will probably occur sometime in October.

Burchfield Park:

            The new trail map that Chris Mensing revised will be placed in the existing kiosk along with some updated chapter info. The current structures should also be evaluated with the trail coordinator there. Ingham County Parks is requesting that we resubmit a plan for the proposed Bushwood section, which should be done sooner than later. Brian “Zak” Zakrzewski will remain the Burchfield trail coordinator.

Sleepy Hollow:

            There was some renewed interest posted on the main MMBA forum regarding this park. We will be checking into a coordinated trail effort possibly in the spring with the Friends of Sleepy Hollow group. We currently do not have a trail coordinator for Sleepy Hollow.

Rose Lake:

            The chapter may again approach the DNR regarding the possibility of maintaining and improving mountain bike relations with the park.

Anderson Park:

            Member Brad Potter brought to our attention a 151 acre park in Delta Township that has potential for mountain biking trails. The chapter will be checking into this and if need be drafting a proposal in the future.


            So far the new site is receiving traffic well updates will be made to try and keep the information current. We are still looking for photos or any other suggestions for content that would be interesting to our members. Anne Grovert expressed some interest in helping with setup and maintenance of the site.

  Board Update:

            Chris Mensing our chapter board representative gave us a brief update on the Executive Director search and why the Advocacy Director position was created.

Chapter Discussion:

-         The chapter is still pursuing the purchase of a backpack leaf blower for trail maintenance.

-          We also discussed the purchase of a canopy that could be used for chapter events. We will begin pricing of different units over the winter months. It was also recommended to check with different bicycle companies regarding canopies, since they often discount the price if you advertise for them.

-         There was some discussion about a chapter race team for the 2008 season; however there didn’t seem to be much interest.

-         We revisited the idea of a bike shop liaison position within our chapter. Anne Grovert may be willing to help with this too. The idea is to keep both the chapter and the local shops informed of what is going on in the area. This position could be handled by multiple people in different areas. The main idea is just to form a line of communication between what is happening between the two groups.

-         In the future the chapter will try to hold more than one meeting a year. This will hopefully keep the membership updated more and allow different people to make it that cannot attend a single date each year. Many of the members approved of a meeting/group ride format as well. With the majority of our membership in the general Lansing area we will probably hold all future meetings in that vicinity due to the improved turn out.


            Chapter elections were held tonight with the following results:

Jake Pangle was nominated by David Frost and seconded by Chris Mensing for the position of President and accepted.

Chris Mensing was nominated by Jake Pangle and seconded by David Frost for the position of Vice President and accepted.

Jake Pangle also remained on as chapter treasurer with no opposition from the membership.

Chris Mensing is staying on as the chapter Board Representative with no opposition from the membership.

Brad Potter has accepted the position as Secretary. This position was filled after the meeting and approved by Jake Pangle and Chris Mensing.

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