January 2008

Meeting Minutes Jan. 2008

Mid-State Chapter MMBA
Meeting Minutes January 26, 2008
1:00 pm 

David Frost, Cooper Frost, Audrey Frost, Chris Mensing, Nick Johnson, Eric Lampart, Greg Kohuth, Mike Stoliecki, David Hendon, Paul Jenkins, Janice Siegford, Joe Pozy, Mike Smith, Wendy Vela, Micheal Morrison, Bob Bartlett, Bob Goodine, Matt Drake, Gregg Iddings, Andy Pittsley, Tom Lueken, Barry Edwards, Karl Grieve, Sheila Troxel, Rich Marr, Scott Vogel, Adam Vogel, Dave Johnson, Joe Carlson, Chris Davis, Andrea Rybicki, Scott Dreyer, Brad Potter, Jake Pangle

Meeting began with introductions and information regarding the MMBA Annual Expo to be held February 10th at Springfield Oaks. Mid-State merchandise will be for sale as well as a game setup to win swag.

Inaugural Mid-State Poker Run
Date has been set for May 10th. The location has been moved from Bennett Park to Burchfield. The chapter picnic will be held at the same time. Prizes have been donated by Hoss MTB, Santa Cruz, Canari, GoPro Camera, Park Tools, and more. Chris Mensing has been contacting local grocery stores for food donations with no luck. If you have ideas for food or monetary donations to buy food for the Poker Run / Picnic contact Chris or Jake. We will hold another meeting in April to finalize volunteers, rules, and course layout.

Trail Updates

Not much going on at this time. The park is interested in pursuing the Bushwood section. Some of the existing structures will be taken down this spring due to deteriorating conditions. New structures can be built with approval of the park. The section formally known as Drop Zone is closed. Please do not take building into your own hands. Trail days will be setup with advanced notice giving time for input for new structures. Zak will be looking for additional help as he will not have the free time available this year.

Bennett Park
Ride it! Bridge material will be needed this spring

Volunteers will be needed for the spring race.

Sleepy Hollow
The DNR and park friends group has been contacted. The friends group maintains the trail and would allow the MMBA to borrow tools to improve the existing bike trail. It is currently very rough and will need to be smoothed. Chris Mensing will be attending a friends group meeting in March.

Jailhouse Trail
Currently maintained by the bike shop in Alma. We have offered our help and asked to be contacted when trail days are held. This trail also holds an endurance event which should have a good showing of Mid-State racers.

Anderson Park
Contact has been made with the parks director and they would like to see a proposal with the trail laid out by GPS. A group went to the park in the morning to discuss potential conflicts between bikes and the equestrian group that uses the current trails. Many volunteers will be needed if the trail is approved. Brad Potter will be looking for individuals to help layout the proposed trail route. Watch the MMBA forums for more details.

Legg Park
Trail exists and is open to biking, but the parks department is not interested in expanding the trails or creating freeride stunts.

Rose Lake
Chris Mensing tried contacting the DNR but got no response.

Bike Shop Liaison
We are looking for volunteers who frequent local shops to become liaisons. Local shops would like to be informed of chapter business.

Chris Mensing is working on drafting a grant to acquire materials for trail signs and kiosks to get the Mid-State trails more uniformly marked.

New Chapter Purchases
The chapter has purchased a backpack blower to clear leaves and a pop-up tent. The tent will be used at Mid-State events and by the race team. The tent will also be setup a few weekends throughout the summer at Burchfield to provide information about the chapter and recruit new members.

This year is the first year of the Revolution Bikes / Mid-State MMBA race team. Currently there are 28 team members agreeing to 3 races, with a focus on the CPS series, and 1 trail day.
We will be looking to organize a Chapter Benefit CPS race for 2009. Possible trails include Burchfield, Ithica, and Bennett Park (Adrian has resisted in the past).
The CPS committee is looking at going online with the CPS registration process which will increase the fee slightly.

State Board Update
Marne (MMBA executive director) is still looking for more at large board candidates. Current big issues such as the Shingle Mill Pathway closure and NCT reroute are being addressed (keep posted at www.mmba.org). Memberships may be processed differently in the future as well as changes in the Bent Rim Bugle distribution.

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