May 2008

Meeting Minutes May 2008

Mid-State Chapter MMBA
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attendees: Brad Potter, Chris Davis, Andrea Davis, Keri Morrison, Michael Morrison, Gregg Iddings, David Frost, Andy Pittsley, Dennis Hansen, Nick Johnson, Chris Mensing, and Jake Pangle

Trail Updates

Adrian – Race had a good turnout and building continues in the park. Some areas may require re-routes, but nothing major planed at this time.

Anderson Park – Trail weekend was a success with a few truck loads of garbage removed from the park and 1.4 mi of trail completed. Beginning of loop needs to be completed and was left closed to deter riders before finishing work was done. Pull off areas for parking will be improved in the next couple of weeks and the first loop will be opened to riding. Park cleanup will continue and other groups including the MiGeocachers and Clean Forest Initiative may provide a hand.

Bennet Park – The first bridge is completed and 2 more are scheduled for completion. The DR trimmer is needed to help cut back some undergrowth. Trail building is continuing and will continue next year to include the old river bed area.

Burchfield – Jeff Popard is the new TC and all structures have been inspected. Bandit building continues and anyone caught illegal building will be fined. Drop zone is official closed, as well as a section along the river. A reroute will be placed in the field due to erosion. Park would like to see more people using the trails and are excited about events like the Poker Run and perhaps interested in holding a race. They would like to redo the signs and remove all the color designations. The mountain bike trail will be labeled as advanced and riders can chose to ride the bypasses around the obstacles. A sign maker and Boy Scout troop can make wood signs for a donation.

Ella Sharp – Chris and Jake met with park and they are O.K. with adding signs; which will be a big improvement for this trail. Reroutes are needed in some eroded areas. Cascade Cycling Club previously maintained the trail, but now would like help. Monday night group ride is moving to Tuesdays for June.

Sleepy Hollow – Nothing being done this year.

Other happenings

Poker Run – Volunteers will be needed for this event and picnic. Contact Chris if you would like to help out.

Possible CPS race for 2009 – A group will be formed to begin working on this immediately. Possible trails include Burchfield, Adrian, and Bennet Park.

Potential Freeride committee – Not much interest at this time. Will try to post in the freeride forum to see if there is any interest.

Chapter still has pint glasses, sweat shirts, and t-shirts available.

Election of Chapter Officers

President – Chris Davis
Vice President – Chris Mensing
Secretary – Brad Potter
Treasurer – Jake Pangle
CPS Rep – David Frost
State Board Rep – Chris Mensing
Trail School – Jake Pangle and Brad Potter

Final Thoughts – Dennis warned against using wood signs. He thinks they are vandalized easily and do not hold up well to the weather.

Meeting adjourned

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