November 2008

Meeting Minutes Nov. 2008

Mid-State Chapter MMBA

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Attendees:  Brad Potter, Chris Davis, Andrea Davis, David Frost, Nick Johnson, Chris Mensing,  Michael Morrison, Laurie DeYoung, Mitch DeYoung, Jeff Popard, Mike Stoliecki, Marne Smiley, Mike Schnepp, Jake Pangle, Dan O’Toole, Joel Eisinger, and Kevin Karpinski


Approval of Agenda – Approved


Approval of minutes from May 27, 2008 Meeting – Approved


Treasurers Report


Account currently sits at $566.96.  Only a few sweatshirts are left and some T-shirts.  Still plenty of pint glasses available.


CPS Report


Schedule has been set and will be the same races as last year (not necessarily in the same order or on the same dates).  This year there is no tabulation fee, but you must be a MMBA member for your points to be counted.


Trail Updates


Anderson Park – Trail has been cleared of leaves and is rideable.  Just over 3 miles of single track has been completed.  There is about 5-6 miles of trail using the single track and some of the existing trail.  Trail work will begin again in late winter/early spring to complete 2 – 3 more miles of trail.  Also, another park cleanup day will be scheduled in the spring.  Additional work includes kiosk building, signing the new trail, and mapping.  Some vandalism has occurred on the trail (i.e., sticks and logs thrown on the trail) and should be reported on the MidState forum or contact Brad Potter.  


Bennet Park – Trail is rideable and has been cleared of leaves 1.5 times.  The bridge building was cancelled due to park concerns, but meeting has been scheduled and bridge building will commence in the summer.  The old river bed restoration project has completed the work on the channel, but vegetation needs to fill in before the water is diverted.  Once the water is restored to the old channel more single track can be built in the current river area. 


Burchfield – Plans for winter include: finish the route from Bob Supremacy to Heron Pond, and Swamp Thing bridges need re-building or re-routing to higher ground.  Trail was not cleared of leaves this fall, so spring cleanup will include leaf removal.  Park is O.K. with new structures as long as they are not any higher.  An area near McNamara Landing has been flagged for a jump line.  Anyone interested in working on the trail (particularly stunts and jumps) should contact the trail coordinator Jeff Popard.


Ella Sharp – Chris and Jake met with park and they are O.K. with adding signs but nothing has been completed at this time.  Ella Sharp had a good turnout at group rides this summer and will continue to hold them on Tuesday nights.  Reroutes are still needed in some eroded areas and Cascade Cycling Club continues to maintain the trail, but may need some help.


Heritage Park – Clean up is being conducted for the annual Holiday Ride (December 6, 5:30 pm) and the Hare Race date is set for the Saturday before Mothers Day.


Jailhouse Trail – No additional information at this time. 


Legg Park – A township meeting was conducted and there was support from the Park Commission, but an environmental study was conducted and they said “No Trail.”  Riding is allowed on the current trails. 


Rose Lake – Some discussion occurred on the status of this trail, but for the most part it is there to ride.


Sleepy Hollow – Met with Friends of Sleep Hollow and they would like any help we can provide with the trail.  No new trail can be added at the park and it is gradually smoothing out.  The scheduled race did not happen due to various conflicts, but potential is there for a race in the future.


MMBA State Report


Membership dues will be increasing $5.00 this year, but all the increase will go back to the local chapters.  Currently there are 94 MidState members.  The MMBA annual expo will be held at the Lansing Center and numerous volunteer opportunities will exist. 


Old Business


Chapter freeride committee has not had any interest.


There has been a lot of discussion of a MidState Chapter Benefit Race or CPS race.  Most agreed that first attempt should be to host a benefit race to see what is needed.  The picnic will be separated from the poker run this year and we will need to find food sponsors for both events.  Other discussed events included a time trail at Bennet Park during Frontier Days and XC race at Burchfield.  A small committee is being formed to work on these possibilities.  Chris and Andrea Davis have agreed to organize the committee (action item:  first contact should occur before end February).  Current members agreeing to work on this include Nick Johnson, Jake Pangle, Chris Mensing, Mike Morrison, Brad Potter, and Rich Marr (contacted post meeting).


New Business


Jake is putting together a chapter tool inventory; contact him if you have any chapter owned tools.  A contact list of who is holding tools and what they have may be compiled in the future to aid in tool distribution.


The Poker Run has been scheduled for the Sunday, June 21.  We are still looking for sponsors.  One possible donor may be the Tri-County Bicycle Association.


The Chapter Race Team will not be the same as last year.  Both racers and the shop sponsor did not meet all their commitments.  Kevin Karpinski put forward a proposal to form a new team and will be pitching a proposal to the Michigan Brewing Company for sponsorship. 


Several activities were discussed to increase chapter membership including group rides, set up tent at trail heads on weekends, and events.


Election of Chapter Officers


President – Chris Mensing

Vice President – Brad Potter

Secretary – Andrea Davis

Treasurer – Jake Pangle

CPS Rep – David Frost

State Board Rep – Chris Mensing


A brief discussion occurred on eliminating the separate State Board Rep position, but the current configuration was left intact.


Meeting adjourned

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