March 2009

Mid-State Chapter MMBA

Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2009


Attendees:  Chris Mensing, President; Brad Potter, Vice President; Andrea Davis, Secretary; Jake Pangle, Treasurer; Chris Davis, Laurie DeYoung, Mitch DeYoung, Anne Grofvert, Greg Iddings and Flip Thorrez


Call to Order
The meeting was called to order and introductions were made.


Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the chapter has $850 in unrestricted funds and had received a DALMAC grant. The money from the grant will be used for kiosks at Anderson Park and Sleepy Hollow, which would be discussed in greater detail during a later agenda item.


Old Business


Race Team—Since Kevin Karpinski was not present, the discussion of the race team was tabled.


Adrian Hare Racer—There was a brief discussion of the Adrian race, which was an addition to the agenda. The race will take place the weekend before Mother’s Day on May 9. Volunteers are needed, and the organizers would like to increase the Chapter presence at the race. The event is kid-friendly, with adults racing in

the morning and kids afterwards. Greg Iddings indicated that they would try to have another work day two weeks before the race, but the trail is in good shape right now. He also indicated that the City of Adrian is extremely supportive of the race. It was discussed that, thus far, 50 people has been the largest number of racers, and it would be great to have more. Chris Mensing indicated that he would set up a table with the MMBA banner and bring membership forms to promote the Chapter on race day.


Sleepy Hollow—The group discussed the fact that Sleepy Hollow is not a very technical trail. It was indicated that two guys who live near Owosso are involved and have good communication with the park. There has been discussion about rerouting a section of the trail that is shared with equestrians. There is some talk of establishing signage specifically for mountain bikes. Mensing suggested the Chapter should join the group Friends of Sleepy Hollow, a group that encourages people to use the trails. Membership is only $10 a year. The group agreed membership in this organization was a good idea.






New Business


Scheduling Trail Days


Burchfield—It was decided that one day was needed at Burchfield to clear the trail with additional time to fix the stunts. The trail day is set for April 18. Anne Grofvert commented that she thought she could get a lot of the clearing of Burchfield done on weeknights since she lives close to the park. Grofvert also thought she might be able to get a lot of Burchfield done during the weeknights. Priorities after general cleanup are 1) fix bridges in Swamp Thing and 2) redo stunts.


Anderson Park—Brad Potter indicated that Anderson Park will have two trail days, April 11 (specifically for trail construction) and April 25. Delta Township is holding de-junking events on May 15 and 16, and there will already be dumpsters available, so Potter would like to get a lot of cleanup of Anderson Park completed that weekend. Potter questioned whether any Boy Scouts or other groups could be recruited to help.


Adrian—Iddings announced that trail work at Adrian will take place on April 4 or April 26.


Sleepy Hollow—Help is needed with cleaning the trails, but there are so many more widely used trails to work on, it was decided that the Chapter should concentrate efforts on those.


Kiosks/DALMAC Grant—The announcement was made that the Chapter received a DALMAC grant of $1,400 from the Tri-County Bicycling Association (TCBA). Funds will be used for sign kiosks. It costs about $400 for a kiosk for treated lumber. The Chapter is currently searching for someone to build the kiosks. They will be put at Bennett Park, Anderson Park and Sleepy Hollow. The Chapter has agreed to include the TCBA logo on the signs.


IMBA Trail Care Crew—The Chapter will be holding a weekend of activities in the end of May this year. Representatives from IMBA will be coming to help show volunteers how to build trails May 21-24. The goals of the events are to get some trails built, increase awareness about MMBA and build membership. Volunteers are needed to help organize the events, and housing for the IMBA representatives is needed. Grofvert indicated she may be able to assist with housing. The Chapter would also like to find someone to donate food to cut down on the expense. The suggestion was made to have a raffle to raise money for expenses and recouping the costs of the event.


Poker Run—Mensing indicated that although the Poker Run was successful last year, the Chapter doesn’t have as many donated items to give away as prizes this year. The Poker Run made approximately $350 in 2008 and the turnout was good. The IMBA event will take a lot of planning and time and Mensing will need help with the Poker Run in order to pull off both events. At this point, the event is scheduled for Father’s Day at Bennett Park.


Sleepy Hollow Youth Camp—There was a discussion about the DNR program to bus kids out from Lansing schools. The suggestion was made to use the MMBA Mountain Kids trailer and give the kids an opportunity to learn about mountain biking. Further discussion was tabled since Karpinski was not present.




License Plate Fee—A proposal has been made to replace the state park sticker by adding a $10 fee for the DNR to each vehicle registration in Michigan. The bill has a lot of support, but there are also many people against it. Members were encouraged to contact legislators to urge them to support the bill. The suggestion was made to use a more personal letter as opposed to a form letter and to request a follow up message from legislators recapping their actions in regards to the bill.


Membership Fee Increase—It was announced that there will be $5 increase in membership dues for individuals and families. However, this extra $5 will be sent to the Chapters.


Other Announcements—Other announcements not on the agenda included a discussion of the MMBA Expo in which suggestions were made for making the event more successful next year. Mensing also shared MMBA news. There is a new, formalized process for the Chapters to request money from the state organization. Mensing will be putting together a proposal to request funds for the IMBA event. Additionally, there are upcoming changes to the Bent Rim Bugle, which will include a new layout person and the addition of an editor.


Set Date for Summer Meeting

July 15 was set for the summer meeting. The time and place are yet to be determined.


Adjourn Meeting

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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