August 2010

Mid-State Chapter MMBA
Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2010

Attendees: Mitch DeYoung, President; Jon Wlodarczak, Vice President; Andrea Davis, Secretary; Chris Mensing, Treasurer and State Board Rep; David Frost, CPS Rep; Diane Ursu, Webmaster; Reid Abel; Joe Carlson; Laurie DeYoung; Brice Furl; Bill Nickerson; Jake Pangle; Danielle Wlodarczak; Bill Zimmer

Trail Updates

Anderson Park—Since Brad Potter was not present, Bill Nickerson gave an update. Nickerson indicated that the trail was in good shape and that an extension had been added to the middle of the red loop. He also told the group that Potter had plans for adding final sections of the blue loop soon. There were also eight sections of prefab decking that were going to be turned into bridges which would be installed in the fall. The total mileage at this point is between five and six miles.

Bennett Park—David Frost gave an update. He indicated that there were places where you couldn’t even see the trail because of changes in the ecosystem and that there were several trees down. Frost also said that he would be posting a couple of trail days on the MMBA message boards in the next few weeks. He said at this point there are about eight total miles of trail, the marquee is done and a temporary map has been put up. Frost also said they are working to get permission to add trail on adjacent city land, but he believes it will not be as easy to gain approval for as the original trail since several other groups are interested in the land for different uses. He is representing mountain bikers’ interests by participating in the Charlotte Step by Step Committee.

Burchfield—Since Jeff Popard was not present, Reid Abel gave a trail update. Reid indicated that the trail was in good shape overall and that though Swamp Thing was dry, it was still closed. He also said that one of the bridges in Swamp Thing was in bad shape and it may need to be rerouted. Jon Wlodarczak said that most, if not all, of the stunts need to be replaced if they are going to be ridden because they have many loose boards and are dangerous. There are four new sections of trail, but much of it is overgrown because the fields require a lot of maintenance and the DR trimmer has been broken (although it is now fixed). It was also indicated that the Bob Supremacy trail is now routed in the reverse direction. The disc golf course is still planned, but plans for the course may not be finalized because not much progress has been made with it.

Ella Sharp—Jake Pangle indicated that the trail is a mess and local riders have been in communication with the Cascades Cycling Club, which is supposed to be maintaining it. The Cascades Cycling Club subsequently cleaned the trail up a bit and took out one of the bridges.

Adrian (Heritage Park)—Gregg Iddings was not present, but Pangle indicated that the trail was in good shape.

Meridian Pump Track—The track is now open, rideable and fun. It was suggested that people check it out if they haven’t done so yet.

Sleepy Hollow—No progress has been made with the park because no one has really been willing to take responsibility for it. Diane Ursu volunteered to help.

Waverly Bike Park

Mitch DeYoung gave an update in Potter’s absence. He indicated that Potter, along with Mid-State member Anne Grofvert and Western MMBA member and race promoter Rick Plite, had a meeting with the City of Lansing parks representative. The City is interested in going ahead with a disc golf course, cyclocross course and short track course. They want the chapter to flag a course for racing and then use a landscape architect to build the course. Grofvert also has approval to do a cyclocross clinic there, but the park millage needs to pass.

MSU Woodlots

Tim Potter of MSU Bikes was not able to make the meeting, but would like to continue discussions on this issue in the fall.

MMBA Mid-State Logo Design

The new logo, which was designed free of charge for the chapter by a graphic design student, was unveiled. It was shared that we have letterhead and business card designs and that the file is available in different formats for chapter use.

Poker Run Recap and Planning for 3rd Annual

Wlodarczak indicated that around 30 people attended the Poker Run and 40 companies donated prizes. The weather was not good and the profit for the event was only about $15, but there were two family memberships gained as a result. Wlodarczak will spearhead the planning again next year, but indicated that he would like to start planning much earlier and get it publicized sooner. He would also like to move it back to Burchfield. A tentative date of July 31 was decided upon. Bill Zimmer also gave a suggestion to hold a poker tournament like he does for his soccer club because it is very profitable.

Road ID Coupon

It was shared that Mid-State members are eligible for a 20 percent discount on anything on the Road ID Web site and is valid until the end of August. Ursu indicated that she would post the coupon code on the Mid-State site.

Financial Recap

Chris Mensing indicated that we still had money ($900) from the DALMAC grant the chapter received that was supposed to be used for signs and kiosks and never was. We can use this money for new signage at Burchfield and signs for Bennett. Frost and Popard will get together to order signs for these trails.

Mensing indicated that the DALMAC fund wanted to give more money to Mid-State and asked for suggestions for how much money to ask for and what to do with it. Suggestions were made to use the money for the Waverly Park project, the Meridian Pump Track and to buy larger tools, such as a Bobcat.

Mensing told the group that the chapter has $150 left for tools and asked for a suggestion for what to buy with it. The group decided that either another Stihl trimmer or a weed whacker would be a good thing to buy.

A discussion was held about whether or not the chapter should pay for entries for the board members for the Midwest Mountain Bike Summit in Grand Rapids. The charge is $15 per person for all three days or $10 per person for two days. A motion was made to pay for the board members to attend and it was approved.

Chapter Merchandise

The group discussed whether or not more Mid-State merchandise should be ordered, considering sales of the last batch were not overly successful. The point was made, however, that it would be nice to have new merchandise containing the new logo. Pangle suggested ordering pint glasses because they are relatively inexpensive and seem to be popular. Another suggestion was made to just do preorders. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

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