February 2010

Mid-State Chapter MMBA
Meeting Minutes
February 20, 2010

Attendees: Chris Mensing, President; Brad Potter, Vice President; Andrea Davis, Secretary; Ron Bock, Mitch DeYoung, Dennis Hansen, David Hendon, Greg Iddings, Ben Lindstrom, Bill Nickerson, Dan O’Toole, Jeff Popard, Tim Potter, Joe Pozy, Greg Southwell, Diane Ursu and Jon Wlodarczak

MSU Woodlots—Tim Potter from MSU Bikes proposed working with the chapter to develop some of the existing trails on the MSU campus for mountain bike riding. He indicated that it would be best to go to the University with a plan and specific guidelines for use of the trails, rather than just asking them without any details. Mensing indicated the chapter would be willing to participate and asked any meeting attendees interested in helping out to e-mail Potter at bikes@msu.edu. Ursu suggested it might be useful to put forth examples of good relationships MMBA has with different land managers throughout the state, including the DNR. The existing trails and their possibility for development were discussed briefly. Hansen indicated that some of the trails may be in designated natural areas and therefore, prohibited from being used for bike traffic.

Ingham County Park Budget—Burchfield Trail Coordinator Jeff Popard gave an update on budget issues within the Ingham County Park System. He indicated that there were five or six proposals being considered for budget cuts. Park officials had expressed a desire to cut services before jobs. Popard also indicated that certain things were already being closed and there would be more to come. He suggested that members write letters and go to any meetings to show how important our parks are.

Trail Updates

Burchfield—Popard told the group that a disc golf course would be installed at Burchfield beginning in the spring. The field near the Enter Sandman trail was scheduled to close at the beginning of April so construction could begin. To keep from having any issues between disc golfers and mountain bikers, a reroute of Enter Sandman was proposed and would actually add length to the trail. Construction was expected to be finished by July. Additionally, Popard indicted that more singletrack would be added heading out to McNamara’s Landing. He said the trail has been flagged but has not been approved by the park as of yet. Popard also suggested that if people were interested, they could volunteer to help repair the stunts at Burchfield and add new ones, as the current stunts are in disrepair.

Bennett Park—New trail was expected to be built in Bennett Park, but was on hold awaiting final approval.

Anderson Park—Brad Potter indicated that he would begin having workdays on Tuesdays or Thursdays to work on the trail and that the final section would be built in the North end of the park. He also said that once trail work was complete, he expected to replace the workdays with weekly group rides.

Sleepy Hollow—It was expressed that the park would like to see more people using the trails at Sleepy Hollow. In order to accomplish this, some reroutes would have to be done to make the trail more user-friendly. It was expected to be a beginner trail appropriate for families, but there has also been some interest in adding stunts and jumps. These features had not yet been approved.

Adrian (Heritage Park)—Iddings indicated more trail had been added. Additionally, there had been some reroutes to the trail due to the expansion of the disc golf course. Iddings also discussed the fact that the City of Adrian had an issue with the signage because there is a big area of the trail that doesn’t belong to the city and they didn’t want attention to be drawn to it. Lastly, Iddings reported that an off-road duathlon was being considered for Heritage Park.

Adrian Hare Racer—The Hare Racer was scheduled for May 8 and Iddings asked for volunteers and said he would post more information on the bulletin board.

Bike Demo at Island Lake—The idea of using the Bike Demo for a fundraiser was discussed. Chapters had been invited to sell concessions to make money. However, the event was scheduled for the same day as the Hare Racer and priority should be given to find people to help for this event before the Bike Demo.

Chapter Merchandise—Much of the Mid-State Merchandise stores have been depleted and suggestions were requested for what to order next. The idea of socks was brought up because the state chapter doesn’t currently have any.

Other Business

  • The Chapter’s new insurance company has red flagged the use of teeter totters on trails. Teeter totters are only those that actually move.

  • Brad Potter indicated he is working with the City of Lansing to try to make the former Waverly Golf Course into a permanent bike park with a cyclocross course, short track and a pump track. He said he was drafting a proposal to submit to the City. He thought this was a way the City could actually make money from the property by selling concessions and it would also benefit area riders by giving them a bike park.
  • There has been some talk of doing something similar with Raney Park, but it was decided that the chapter shouldn’t try to develop both parks.
  • Wlodarczak volunteered to take over the Poker Run, but would need someone to help. It was expected to be more difficult to get prizes now.

Elections of Chapter Officers/Positions

The following individuals were elected:

  • President—Mitch DeYoung

  • Vice President—Jon Wlodarczak
  • Secretary—Andrea Davis
  • Treasurer—Chris Mensing
  • CPS Rep—David Frost
  • State Board Rep—Chris Mensing
  • Webmaster—Diane Ursu

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