March 2011


Jon Wlodarczak (president), Laurie DeYoung (secretary), Chris Mensing (treasurer/chapter state board rep), Rick Hogle, Brad Potter (Anderson TC), Jake Pangle, Dave Hendon, Steven Farness, Mark Farness, Remke van Dam, Spencer Flynn, Shaun Rourk, Diane Ursu (Web master/at-large state board rep), Bill Nickerson (vice president), Mike Clark, Brian Zakerewski, Joe Pozy, Jared Dodge, David Ruppert

Trail Updates


  • Hare Racer – Saturday, May 7
  • This race is great for kids; they can get fitted for helmets and learn about racing.
  • There is an adult race, too
  • Rain Date: May 14
  • Volunteers needed for general race work, plus following kids around the course
  • Watch the Mid-State, Racing and Volunteer forums for more information


  • Brad will provide a trail status update on the Trail Conditions forum, but the trail is probably close to rideable
  • Upcoming Work: drop in bridge section; flag and cut in one last section of trail (.3 or .4 mile)
  • Possible Addition: Red Loop area – Brad is debating whether to build in ladders, berms, etc. to make it a small, isolated skills park; Brad can work on get permission from township if there is interest, but someone should come forward to champion the builds; contact Brad if interested
  • Trail Days – None scheduled right now…maybe Sunday, April 3 (day after Burchfield Trail Day); watch Mid-State and Volunteer forums for dates/times


  • Map needs to be updated – almost done
  • Upcoming Work: adding berms, fixing mudholes
  • No trail days currently scheduled; watch the Mid-State and Volunteer forums for dates/times
  • Question: Why can’t we use beams Dave found?
  • Because they crossed a county drain, permit issues


  • Trail Day: Saturday, April 2
  • Please bring pruners, shovels, pick axes, rakes, etc.
  • March 26 trail day canceled due to weather (as of March 24)
  • Upcoming Work (for April trail day):
  • Finish the loop, rake, inspect and fix stunts as needed, paint and install signs
  • Build bridge on low spot by McNamara, rebuild Swamp Thing boardwalk
  • Build berms, jumps at MacNamara and jumps at golf course (we have lots of dirt and the potential for more)
  • Reroute trail on golf course
  • Shortcut off beginner trail is still closed per request of park
  • Jump parks
  • One down by McNamara in progress
  • Another possibly in disc golf park – dirt already delivered and more on the way (see Jeff’s notes on this)
  • Signs
  • The park is making these, but we will need to paint and install before the trail is officially open
  • Watch the Mid-State and Volunteer forums for volunteer dates
  • Poker Run
  • Sunday, July 31
  • Jon handling donations
  • Will need volunteers; watch the Mid-State and Volunteer forums for more information
  • Possibly a dry run for potential Burchfield MiSCA race on Saturday, October 2
  • MiSCA Race
  • Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 2
  • Would have a MiSCA race for kids and an adult race
  • Lots of work is going into the planning; a team of six members (Jeff, Jon, Mitch, Laurie, Chris, Bill) are evaluating the costs and benefits and will decide by April 30 if this is feasible for our chapter
  • Sponsors would be extremely helpful
  • Suggestion: Contact Tim from Healthy & Fit Magazine
  • This will require lots of volunteers: timers, course marshalls, clean-up, set-up, etc.
  • Question: What will we get out of this?
  • Hoping it will become a chapter benefit race
  • Break even for this year, possibly roll Poker Run into it next year
  • Established races like Yankee and Addison bring in $7,000-$10,000 per year – we’re not even close to that but it would be great if we could establish this as the primary funding source for our chapter


  • On-campus trail – south of campus, but still university property
  • MSU Bikes as a potential partner
  • Jon is having meetings and there is interest
  • Jon attending meeting next Friday for more discussion – maybe get something started this summer/fall
  • Current location is used for ROTC
  • Question: What about the woodlots north of I-96?
  • Mostly for research, they’re not really interested in having bikers there
  • This is a possible foothold – may lead to more mainstream woodlots being used for trails
  • Question: How big is property?
  • Not sure
  • Contact Jon if you would like to be involved in developing and maintaining this trail


  • Still up in the air
  • Have talked about developing a bike park
  • Thought we were making progress, but talks have stalled
  • Brad passed project to Anne, she’ll focus on getting a cyclocross course out there

Meridian Pump Track

  • Township loves it
  • Steve wants to do a skills-type park out there now, too, which is in the Meridian Township park plan
  • All dirt, no wood
  • Very promising

Volunteer Hours

  • Link to log your trail hours:
  • Everyone will be entering their own trail hours
  • Useful for FAFL and for pitching new ideas
  • Shows our chapter’s commitment
  • Bill and Jon have access to information
  • Not just for official trail days – use for ANY work you do
  • Organized trail days still require volunteers to fill out paper form (each person, each day)
  • If you do trailwork on your own, just check the “I’ve read this” box on hour log
  • Bottom line: Do work, don’t hurt yourself, don’t sue us
  • Incentive: We’re having a lottery – every five hours you log equals one entry in a drawing for prizes at the end of the year (probably around Expo time)

Group Rides

  • We are trying to establish a group riding schedule for summer once trails are open
  • Weekly proposal
  • Monday – Burchfield (River Bend parking lot)
  • Wednesday – Bennet
  • Thursday – Anderson
  • Tuesday – Meridian Pump Track?
  • Usually begin around 6:00 or 6:30 pm
  • Need people to show up to make these successful
  • Watch Mid-State and Group Rides forums for updates
  • Monthly rides
  • Yankee Springs: Saturday, April 9; watch Mid-State and Group Ride forums for details
  • More exciting destinations to come – watch the forums!


  • Serous discussions with IMBA to turn MMBA chapters into IMBA chapters
  • Each chapter would be an IMBA club
  • State MMBA would exist as an alliance of chapters and other clubs (ex: Copper Harbor, TAR T, Marquette, etc.) and would focus solely on state-wide advocacy (trail access, etc.)
  • A lot of info on forums – best info is on “IMBA CP? bit hazy on the whole thang,read THIS!” thread
  • We (Mid-State) would keep our own chapter bank account/funds
  • Insurance, administration, membership would all be handled by IMBA
  • Question: Will IMBA step up and help with advocacy?
  • Maybe, but Ryan Schutz (IMBA regional rep – said if we switch over, lots of other clubs will, too, and IMBA would hire a local rep for this region to help with big land access issues
  • Question: Option to get out?
  • Yes, we can walk away any time and become our own separate entity – would require reorganization, but its possible
  • Question: Chapters paying insurance?
  • Right now, state MMBA pays for all insurance
  • Under IMBA, chapters pay insurance for club
  • Rate is based on amount of miles, type of trails, type of work (we would be about $8.50 per member because of features at Burchfield); also get 20% off because of volume
  • Right now, we get $7.50 per member because state MMBA takes insurance, etc. off the top before we get anything
  • Under IMBA, we get 40% of our memberships
  • Average member puts in $50, though individual membership is $30
  • IMBA claims projected increase in membership
  • Since there is currently no IMBA club in area, any existing IMBA members are general IMBA members
  • We need to decide on geographic boundaries, and then after we make the switch, all existing IMBA members in area become Mid-State IMBA members
  • Question: Does it make sense to have nine chapters still?
  • Under discussion – this is a good opportunity to re-examine boundaries
  • Question: If it happens, when will it happen?
  • IMBA only accepts chapters at certain points during the year
  • There is a deadline in July, which is what we’re aiming for
  • Big thing: Our chapter really needs to do fundraising! Neither the status quo nor the IMBA chapter program will allow us to do anything but survive unless we do some fundraising!
  • Question: What will state board need from us to survive?
  • Still figuring out a few funding models, but state board has enough money to sustain itself for about 3-4 years (put on Expo, do advocacy)
  • New clubs wanting in on the state board’s resources might pay a fee, but we’d like to have the state MMBA sustain itself on sponsorships, grants, etc.
  • Anyone opposed to IMBA? No one spoke up, and we approved it at the last meeting even though financial picture was not final so our chapter is currently planning to make the switch
  • Insurance being covered by IMBA eventually is still a bit uncertain
  • Clubs that have converted have seen membership increases
  • Other clubs in other states are waiting for us to do this because we are bigger and there is a better chance of us getting a regional rep if everyone goes
  • Ryan Schutz ( is our IMBA contact – you can email him if you have questions, and he will respond


  • Local info session on Saturday, April 2
  • See MiSCA forum for location and more info

DeWitt Jump Park

  • Approval given to build jump park in city park
  • Contact Jon V., the owner of Bikeworks in DeWitt, to get involved (

Island Lake Demo Days

  • Put on by Poto chapter
  • All chapters can come and sell stuff
  • Last year, if you had five volunteers they would give you a share of all the money made by all the chapters
  • Probably on May 7 this year
  • Possible fundraiser; would like volunteers, so email if you are interested
  • Also watch Mid-State forum for more details

Other Business

  • Bill was chapter volunteer of the year – yay, Bill!

Next Chapter Meeting: Saturday, June 18 (afternoon; watch the Mid-State forum for exact time and location)

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