January 2005

Meeting Minutes 2005

Chapter minutes
Chapter meeting and election
Eric’s Cycle

attending – Harv, Zak, Joe Pozy, Jake Pangle, Gregg Iddings, Brett Nelson, Luke Pline, Chris Davis, Frank Krol.

Pizza and soda donated by Krol Law Firm!

Overview of 2004

1) Burchfield. Pretty much status quo, hopes of getting approval for Bushwood section. Also potential need to remove the DragonsBack due to decay and replacing it in the Looman’s Run section. New routing in the Forest Hump section to remove the switchback descent near the swamp and to make the final rockpile attack a bit easier.

2)Lincoln Brick. Proposal finished and we’ll be presenting to Eaton County this winter. This trail will be a natural technical trail, no built structures.

3)Ionia. Still no real contact with the Ionia group. Will place informational flyers in the kiosk, hope to contact some locals willing to maintain the trail. If this happens then we can pursue the trail expansion concept.

4)Treasury. Nearly $900 in the treasury with no expenses forthcoming. In very good shape due to the Gilbert Lumber deal. May be time to consider new t-shirts. Still possible that we will purchase a DR style walk behind trimmer, this will cost around $350. MMBA will be consolidating all chapter accounts into it’s own main account in 2005. Chapters will have check writing privileges. This is being done to keep MMBA’s accounting in line with IRS requirements.

5)Adrian. Maintenance staff and requirements ok. Some re-route planning is needed and may outreach to the broader chapter for assistance.

6)CPS. Gregg Iddings will continue as our CPS rep. Gregg indicates that there is always a need for help at the race tent during events. Greg Kouth has expressed a desire to bring races back to Lansing area trails. No further info yet, but Greg has been in touch with Ingham County.

7)Web. General thought to make a retrospective or history page and include some old photos of the early days of the chapter. Shawn Paige has expressed an interest in taking on the webmaster position. The website will be moved to the main MMBA site so we can reliably access the host. We have not been able to upload or manage the site for nearly a year with our previous host. But we were hosted for free, and that was pretty cool.


President. Jake Pangle nominated by Chris Davis, seconded by Gregg Iddings. Passed by verbal vote. No dissenting votes.

Vice President. Gregg Iddings nominated by Jake Pangle, seconded by Chris Davis. Passed by verbal vote. No dissenting votes.

Secretary. Harv Seeley indicated that the chapter never uses the secretary and that it should be combined or eliminated, decided on an annual basis, with the treasurer position. The president has assumed the secretary duties for meetings, and that has seemed sufficient for our purposes. Motion made to accept by Gregg Iddings, seconded by Luke Pline. Passed by verbal vote. No dissenting votes.

Treasurer. Harv Seeley nominated by Luke Pline, seconded by Gregg Iddings. Passed by verbal vote. No dissenting votes.

Board Representative. Jake Pangle indicates that he will assume the Board rep position as President, which is typical of all chapters. Mid State is perhaps the only chapter that has ever appointed a Rep that is not the President.

Trail coordinators. Zak will remain as the Burchfield TC. Brett Nelson has taken on the TC position for Heritage Park. Luke Pline will remain as the lead person for the Lincoln Brick project.

9) President’s notes. Jake indicates that his top priority for the short term is to increase the group ride visibility, with the hope that the rides will draw in more people willing to be active within the chapter.

Jake will also look further into the Jackson Race Week event planning with the idea of developing a race at Ella Sharp.

10) Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm by Jake Pangle

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