November 2011

MMMBA Meeting – November 19, 2011
Michigan Brewing Company
Lansing, MI

In attendance: Jon W9, Remke vanDam, David Hendon, Jeff Popard, Bill Nickerson, Kris Nickerson, David Lee, Michael Lee, Reid Abel, Chris Holley, David Frost, Steve Rodgers, Rick Hogle, Chris Mensing, Brad Potter, Shaun Good, Laurie DeYoung, Mitch DeYoung, Di Ursu

Trail Updates

Anderson Park Update

  • Some plans for skills area next for next year
  • Minor trail and features
  • Closed to hunting
  • Trail is technically closed at dusk, but if you night ride, please park off-site

Bennett Park Update

  • Tree problems
  • Would love help and more people to ride
  • Interested in helping with an endurance race here? Contact TC David (jacked on the MMBA forum)

Burchfield Update

  • Thanks to all who helped with race, etc.
  • Feedback was good; some thought the race was not long enough
  • Got approval to put signs on trees
  • Want to get map up and all signs in
  • Anyone want to take the lead on jumps at Burchfield? Park says we can do logs and dirt…stuff is out there, we just need someone to do it. Contact TC Jeff (mjpo on the MMBA forum)
  • We have an Eagle Scout named Michael doing his project out there – he’s building a bridge


  • Still working with MSU Bikes to get some trails on/near campus


  • Pretty much nixed

Meridian Pump Track

  • It’s out there and it’s a good time

Sleepy Hollow

  • If anyone wants to do this, do it – please

Other Business

Volunteer hours

  • Keep using Web to log your hours:
  • Be sure you log all hours on all trails, even if they’re not from mid-Michigan; the statewide MMBA needs to have those records for advocacy efforts
  • Don’t forget the waiver
  • There is a thread on this on the MMBA forum


  • Amounts >$50 need president/vice president approval in advance
  • Other amounts need to be approved by the respective TC, in advance

Expo – January 29 at MSU Pavilion

  • Need volunteers: help contact vendors, make a flyer to advertise event, day-of volunteers
  • Contact Di (dibear on the MMBA forum) if you would like to volunteer

Feedback for Burchfield

  • good but wasn’t long enough

New Officer Elections

  • President: Bill Nickerson
  • Vice President: Shaun Good
  • Treasurer: Chris Mensing
  • Secretary: Laurie DeYoung
  • State Board Representative: Jon W9
  • Web master: Bill Nickerson
  • CPS Representative: Mitch DeYoung

Next Chapter Meeting: March 2012; date, time and location to be announced by President Bill

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