Anderson Park

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7 Miles | Trail flows among moderate hills, around wetlands, and along the Grand River. As of August 2008 some trails are still under construction. Total distance will be around 7 miles at the end of the project.

Directions: Google Map | Take the Waverly Road exit from 496. Turn south onto Waverly Road. Turn west (right) onto Old Lansing Road. Wardell Road is a gravel road heading only south from Old Lansing Road. Parking is available where Wardell Road turns east and near the park emergency entrance (do not block the gate).

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5 thoughts on “Anderson Park

  1. Rode last Friday in the evening, does anyone know if the north section has since been completed? May be pretty soft in the next few days.

  2. Love this trai! Would be happy to help keep it groomed. And would be happy to work on the North Section (is that a new part of trail being worked on, on the opposite side of Wardell from where the 3 current trails are.) Please feel free to contact me.

  3. Thank you to the President lot’s of hard work. Anything I can help with? Please let me know, I live close to Anderson Park and am will to help.

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