2020 Recap
Thanks to all of the numerous new sponsors of the MMMBA. Check them out here and please consider giving them your business or supporting them.

Directional signage and reflective arrows were installed at FoxPark. Anderson Park had some trail extensions added on green north and south, also some dirt rollers. Burchfield Park has new bridges throughout the Swamp Thing section, some surface hardening and grading changes to slow erosion and improve sustainability. Additional trail was completed at ICD plus enhancements. The map and signage were completed with most of it installed before the end of season. The bridge fundraising goal was met. 

Super cool MMMBA official socks were released. If you missed out in December, more are on the way.

Looking forward to an exciting 2021! 


Huge thanks to the DALMAC Fund for their support. This grant was used to clear and surface the trailhead lot on Hawley Road, add roadside signs and and trail entry directional sign, as well as an informational kiosk. These are functional improvements for the thousands that come to ride or walk the trails each year. Please consider joining the TCBA, or signing up to ride the DALMAC.

MMMBA supports you, our trails, and our community