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Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Association

We're a chapter of the Michigan Mountain Bike Association (MMBA) and support the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). We're local riders creating and maintaining trails . 

We're sharing our passion and helping others learn to ride and enjoy our sport..

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 Call for more help: Bennett Park in Charlotte was also hard hit. Dave is in dire need of volunteers to help clear that as well. Reach Dave via the new trail conditions page on Facebook to find out how to help him there.

mid-mich trail conditions 

West Lansing Trail needs a volunteer to finish trimming and/or mowing a few area on the Hunter's Ridge north loop. 

Thanks to the volunteers who helped clear Burchfield after the recent storm. A small group worked Monday eve cutting trees and moving the largest of the blowdowns. Shout out to Shaun who put in a full day ahead of the trail care session Tuesday eve. Eight very hot and sweaty souls were then able to get over most the remaining trail.  Thanks as well to the staff at Burchfield who had three chainsaw crews taking out the huge stuff.

gallery/burchfield woman riding over log


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